By Derick asante

The Best of Gray

Children’s Book

This is a great gift for families with children ages 4 to 8. A wonderful book that will not only assist in building self-appreciation and confidence in young girls today, but it will also assist in solidifying their identity. It is a great complementary piece to nurturing young brave souls navigating this new world.

A Poet & An Author

Derick Asante

Our feature book The Best of Gray was created by a father and his five year old daughter. A beautiful piece of art for young readers about self-appreciation and love inspired by the unmeasurable love and bond he shares with his children. Derick is a father of two inspirational children Grayson & Miles, a husband, a poet, an illustrator and animator. The author is best known for his first self-publication “Scriptures from the Sidewalk.” Don’t miss this opportunity to own your copy of his recent work. Follow him on Instagram to learn more about him and other projects he has in the works.


Other Books

Image of book cover


The cover artist of this encouraging book is the amazing 5 year old Grayson E. A. Asante who was also the inspiration behind the creation of this incredible piece of art.

Image of book cover

Words that move you.

A collection of poetry that’ll take you along the journey of the poet and his experiences within the environments he dwelled as a young Black male.


Love yourself and admire your own greatness. Don’t wait for someone else to point out how amazing you are before you believe it yourself.

– Derick Asante

Upcoming Events

The Month of February 2021

The Best of Gray, Virtual Reading Tour

Join the author of the children’s book The Best of Gray in a virtual reading series as well as an opportunity to have a conversation with the author about the inspiration for creating this wonderful book for young readers. Register to receive your personal invitation. See you there.

Feb. 15 – 20 2021

The Best of You, Contest

We will be launching a contest for children ages 4-8 years and a chance to win signed copies of The Best of Gray by the author Derick Asante and the cover artist and inspiration for the creation of the book itself Grayson Asante. Register on behalf of your child today to receive the contest details.